Find a Forensic Psychiatrist You Can Trust at MedicoLegal Psychiatry

The legal system must ensure that justice is delivered while providing suitable protection to citizens who are not fit to stand trial. When it comes to a legal matter that is potentially influenced by a person’s mental health, you may need to enlist the services of a forensic psychiatrist. Read more! 

Find an Independent Medical Examination Trusted in the Court of Law

The legal fraternity frequently relies on an independent medical examination. Such an examination is not affiliated with any party in a legal dispute. The expert opinion of the independent medical examiner will often form part of the evidence and be considered in the final decision of the court or tribunal. Read more! 

How a Psychiatric Assessment Can Contribute to Settling Disputes

Whether it’s part of a criminal or civil case, a psychiatric assessment has the potential to assist the legal system as an unbiased voice in a courtroom. Schedule an independent psychiatric assessment for any defendant to prove that he or she is fit to stand trial and support the justice system in avoiding unfair treatment towards any individual who has been diagnosed with mental illness. Read more!

Key Questions to Ask About Your IME Psychiatric Evaluation

People inevitably have questions about what an IME psychiatric evaluation entails. Here are several of the most common questions about this evaluation, which is performed by a SIRA approved psychiatrist. Read more!


Under usual circumstances it is preferable to undertake a psychiatric evaluation in a face-to-face examination.

It is sometimes necessary, however, to utilise such services as Skype and Zoom to enable a remote assessment for the purposes of a psychiatric evaluation and for the preparation of a psychiatric report. The may occur for the preparation of a criminal psychiatric report or a civil psychiatric report …read more


At MedicoLegal Psychiatry in Sydney our forensic psychiatrists specialise in independent psychiatric assessments of civil claimants and in the provision of independent psychiatrist reports.

Our specialists are specifically trained in forensic psychiatry and are Independent Medical Examiners (IME). Our psychiatrists will travel to remote locations such as correctional centres or other remote offices in order to undertake IME psychiatric evaluations …read more


Section 32 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act is a section of law that permits a Court to divert some offenders from the criminal justice system into mental health treatment.

It is not suitable for all people who have committed an offence and consideration as to the appropriateness of using Section 32 will necessitate comprehensive psychiatric assessment usually by a consultant forensic psychiatrist …read more


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Fitness to plea
Mental Illness Defence
Mental Health Diversion (Section 32/Section 21a)

Fitness to instruct counsel
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Total and Permanent Disablement

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