At MedicoLegal Psychiatry in Sydney our forensic psychiatrists specialise in independent psychiatric assessments of civil claimants and in the provision of independent psychiatrist reports.

Our specialists are specifically trained in forensic psychiatry and are Independent Medical Examiners (IME). Our psychiatrists will travel to remote locations such as correctional centres or other remote offices in order to undertake IME psychiatric evaluations. When our psychiatrists are required to travel to rural or interstate venues depending on availability, it may possible to assess more than one claimant, namely our psychiatrist would be available to undertake more than one independent psychiatric assessment if required.

A criminal psychiatrist examination typically occurs in a correctional facility and our psychiatrists are willing to travel to rural correctional centres to undertake evaluations. Under such circumstances it is uncommon to undertake more than one psychiatric assessment although, depending on the distance and correctional centre, this too may be possible.

Forensic psychiatrists undertake specific forensic training.

After completing a medical degree and obtained their psychiatric specialisation, a forensic psychiatrist my spend a period of time working in a forensic setting in addition to undertaking further certification to become recognised as a forensic psychiatrist.

In addition, many forensic psychiatrists will pursue training through the Workers Compensation Commission and the Motor Accident Authority to enable them to undertake independent psychiatric assessments also known as independent medical examinations or IME psychiatric evaluations. If you is seeking a psychiatric assessment for a workers compensation matter or motor accident, it is important that the psychiatrist is suitably qualified and experienced as an IME to undertake the relevant independent psychiatric assessment.


  • The forensic psychiatrists at MedicoLegal Psychiatry are experienced in IME psychiatric evaluations;
  • The forensic psychiatrists at MedicoLegal Psychiatry are experienced criminal psychiatrist examinations.


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