Medicolegal Psychiatry, also known as Forensic Psychiatry, is a sub-specialty of psychiatry. A Psychiatrist is a specialist medical doctor who has completed advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. A Forensic Psychiatrist has additional specialised training and experience in the interface between psychiatry and the law.

Forensic Psychiatrists are often called to be Expert Witnesses in both criminal and civil proceedings. The primary duty of the Expert Witness is to provide an independent opinion to the Court. In Australia, Expert Witnesses are bound by Expert Witness Codes of Conduct. Some Forensic Psychiatrists also have a clinical practice, assessing and treating mentally ill patients. This ensures that their Medicolegal opinions are based on the most up to date clinical knowledge and experience.

Over the past 20 years we have worked extensively with private legal practitioners, the Crown Solicitors Office, the Department of Public Prosecutions, insurance companies, Legal Aid, the Personal Injury Commission of NSW and the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria. Our specialist psychiatrists draw on extensive experience to ensure detailed assessments and comprehensive reports.


Personal injury
Workers Compensation
Motor Accident
Historical Abuse

Fitness to plea
Mental Illness Defense
Mental Health Diversion
(Section 14/Section 21a)
Fitness to instruct counsel

Fitness for Work
Administrative Appeals Tribunal Visas/Immigration
Income Protection
Total and Permanent Disablement
File Review