Find an Independent Medical Examination Trusted in the Court of Law

The legal fraternity frequently relies on an independent medical examination. Such an examination is not affiliated with any party in a legal dispute. The expert opinion of the independent medical examiner will often form part of the evidence and be considered in the final decision of the court or tribunal. 

Benefits of a Forensic Psychiatrist Testimony

A forensic psychiatrist has qualifications and experience in both mental health and the law. Here are some benefits of having such an individual provide testimony in a legal dispute: 

  • They are objective and impartial. Hiring a forensic psychiatrist to evaluate the defendant or person of interest provides an objective view of the case and an impartial expert opinion to assist the court or tribunal to come to a balanced decision. 
  • The justice system seeks to consider the presence of mental illness or intellectual difficulties to protect defendants and ensure that they are treated fairly under the law. Using a forensic psychiatrist to perform an assessment of the suspect helps to determine whether they are mentally fit to stand trial. The process helps to reduce the possibility of injustice. 
  • It is an asset to the legal system. Society’s confidence in an equitable and fair legal system is imperative. A forensic psychiatrist represents an objective voice assisting to provide expert impartial guidance in a complex legal system to support a just and fair outcome. 

What Sets MedicoLegal Psychiatry Apart Regarding Criminal Psychiatrist Examination?

Our professionals are required to attend legal matters and provide an independent opinion at court. 

  • The forensic psychiatrists at MedicoLegal Psychiatry continue to treat patients who are living with mental illness. This understanding ensures that their clinical knowledge is up-to-date. This ensures the credibility of their expert psychiatrist testimony when they are called upon by the law. 
  • We are experienced in a range of jurisdictions within the Criminal Justice System, and we have experience of working in the correctional system. Visiting prisons to conduct assessments with prisoners is an essential part of our role. Our experience of working clinically in the NSW prisons enables us to provide recommendation and potentially influence court decisions about the most appropriate placement for a defendant. 
  • We tailor every assessment to the details of the case. In most cases, an agency will request such an examination with specific questions that relate to their purposes. We undertake to provide reports on the assessment within three weeks of the test. 

About MedicoLegal Psychiatry

Our lead psychiatrist, Dr Samson Roberts, has worked in medicolegal psychiatric practice for more than 15 years. Our professionals continue treating patients in daily practice to ensure that their medical knowledge remains current, they are familiar with current best practice and they are up to date with evidence based psychiatry. We have a strict hiring policy that ensures we only recruit psychiatrists with a background in forensic psychiatry and experience writing reports, testifying (providing verbal evidence) and often work within the prison system. 

Aside from psychiatric testimony in criminal matters, we work on civil cases such as workers compensation, motor accidents, personal injury, and more. Contact us to make a booking with one of our psychiatrists.


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