How a Psychiatric Assessment Can Contribute to Settling Disputes

Whether it’s part of a criminal or civil case, a psychiatric assessment has the potential to assist the legal system as an unbiased voice in a courtroom. Schedule an independent psychiatric assessment for any defendant to prove that he or she is fit to stand trial and support the justice system in avoiding unfair treatment towards any individual who has been diagnosed with mental illness. 

Diagnosing a patient grants correctional services the knowledge that they require to manage that patient responsibly in the future—these prisoners often cannot share the same space as other prisoners, as they may pose a risk to themselves and the people around them. 

Take advantage of the significant benefits of psychiatric assessments with unbiased and trustworthy assistance from MedicoLegal Psychiatry.

The Importance of an Medicolegal Psychiatric Assessment

A Medicolegal Psychiatric Assessment may be essential for evaluating the merits of a work injury claim, motor accident claim income protection claims, other personal injury, and many other areas. 

  • Either a claimant’s solicitor or an insurance company will request such an assessment to receive documentation of any medical problems that an individual may have as a result of an incident. The specialist will prepare a report based on a comprehensive assessment which will be sent to the authority that made the request. The specialist undertaking the psychiatric assessment does not make the decision on behalf of either party but rather provide additional information to help with the decision. 
  • The psychiatric assessment might include an assessment of the claimant’s  fitness for work. Loss of earning capacity represents a potential component of the damage caused by a personal injury. 

Impartial and Professional Psychiatric Evaluation Services 

With a psychiatric evaluation from our team, you can receive a professional and impartial report, no matter the purpose of the assessment. Led by Dr Samson Roberts, our team offers more than 15 years of robust experience.

What You Can Expect from MedicoLegal Psychiatry Regarding an Evaluation

We operate from our Sydney offices and other locations, such as regional offices and correctional centres, depending on each clients’ requirements. Our psychiatric services include:

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. As forensic psychiatrists, we are trained in general psychiatry with added training and expertise in how psychiatry intersects with the law.  Our assessments typically include a comprehensive face to face interview and a thorough review of documentation provided by the referrer. 
  • Tailored psychiatric evaluation for adults.  We require a referral from an agency, such as an insurance company, or from a solicitor to compile the most accurate and relevant medicolegal report possible and to ensure that it has addressed specific areas of legal relevance. Each case and set of circumstances are different, and the more information that we have to work with, the more accurate the questions that we can ask to discern the client’s mental state.
  • You will typically receive a physical report with our findings in approximately three weeks.


Personal injury
Workers Compensation
Motor Accident Authority
Historical Abuse

Fitness to plea
Mental Illness Defence
Mental Health Diversion (Section 32/Section 21a)

Fitness to instruct counsel
Fitness for Work

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Income Protection
Total and Permanent Disablement

File Review