Under usual circumstances it is preferable to undertake a psychiatric evaluation in a face-to-face examination.

It is sometimes necessary, however, to utilise such services as Skype and Zoom to enable a remote assessment for the purposes of a psychiatric evaluation and for the preparation of a psychiatric report. The may occur for the preparation of a criminal psychiatric report or a civil psychiatric report. These modalities may be necessary in psychiatric examinations for such matters as workers compensation, motor accident claims or other personal injury matters. Psychiatrists at MedicoLegal Psychiatry have experience in undertaking Skype assessments and Zoom assessments over the internet for clinical and forensic psychiatric evaluations. Telepsychiatry has been in place for several years for the evaluation of treatment of psychiatric patients. It represents a means of assessment supported by Medicare and regarded as appropriate for the psychiatric examination of mentally ill patients where local psychiatric services are sparse. Thus far it has been restricted to non-metropolitan clientele.

In the context of the restrictions that have arisen as a result of coronavirus all psychiatrists at MedicoLegal Psychiatry have been undertaking psychiatric evaluations of clients and providing psychiatric reports based on Skype/Zoom assessments.

This has been used for a variety of matters including the preparation of criminal psychiatric reports and civil psychiatric reports. This approach has been well received by claimants and solicitors. Of course, it requires that both parties have access to the internet and have the relevant software such as Skype or Zoom installed. The process requires that the internet connection be sufficiently stable to permit the psychiatric interview to occur by internet without disruption. Telepsychiatry assessments using Skype and Zoom may include the use of an interpreter. Both these platforms permit a third person to participate however a preference under these circumstances is to use Zoom.

Should further information be required about services including Zoom/Skype psychiatric assessments or if you wish to book a psychiatric assessment for either a criminal psychiatric matter or a civil psychiatric matter, please contact our offices on 8399-2050 and specify that you wish your client to be assessed using this technology.

In summary:

  • MedicoLegal Psychiatry can do remote assessment for criminal psychiatric matters and civil psychiatric matters;
  • Our forensic psychiatrists are experiences in psychiatric assessment using Zoom and Skype.


Personal injury
Workers Compensation
Motor Accident Authority
Historical Abuse

Fitness to plea
Mental Illness Defence
Mental Health Diversion (Section 32/Section 21a)

Fitness to instruct counsel
Fitness for Work

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Income Protection
Total and Permanent Disablement

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